Sunday, July 19, 2009

Research on Beschi's Tembavani

To fulfill my Master's degree, i have chosen to do a research on Joseph Beschi's Tembavani. Beschi is also known to us as Viramamunivar. He is an Italian Jesuit Priest, came to Tamilnadu and worked as a missionary. While he was in Tamilnadu, he learnt the Tamil Language well and wrote an Epic in Tamil. This Epic is called as Tembavani. It literally means the unfaded garland or the garland of sweet verses. It deals with the life of St. Joseph, as revealed to Mary of Agreda by Our Blessed Mother. Beschi has taken this revelation of our Blessed Mother as his primary source besides referring also to the Scripture. It is an interesting research that i am doing it now. I am really enjoying myself by doing this research. It is only a beginning and still i have to read a lot to complete my research. My heartfelt thanks to Fr. Nelson Falcao, SDB who have suggested this topic to do my research. My thesis topic is: Tembavani:A Christian-Hindu Encounter, A Study of the Philosophical Foundations of Inculturation and Inter-religious Dialogue in the writings of the Tembavani of Constantius Joseph Beschi, s.J.